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Underwater Inspection
  • Professionally Licensed Engineer Divers
  • ADCI Certified Commercial Divers
  • Commercial Surface-Supplied Diving Equipment
  • Company-Owned Vessels & Dive Equipment
  • Triple-Redundant Air Supply
  • Continuous 4-Wire Communications
  • Detailed Dive Planning
  • Safety First Priority
Shoreline provides in-house, commercially trained, engineer-divers who not only conduct the inspection, but also perform the evaluation and generate the assessment report. If required, the same team also performs the subsequent analysis, repair design, and construction administration.
Using experienced professional engineers with commercial diving equipment and training yields the safest and highest quality inspections available. The ability to instantly communicate safety concerns at either end of the umbilical allows for a level of safety that cannot be matched by self-contained underwater breathing apparatus.
Unlike SCUBA, commercial surface-supplied diving equipment provides a triple-redundant breathing gas supply for the diver. Continuous four-wire communications enable clear transfer of inspection findings to the topside note taker who can guide the diver through the pre-planned assessment procedure. Conditions that may warrant a more in-depth evaluation are identified during the inspection and addressed immediately. Using company owned equipment and vessels ensures that the equipment is properly maintained and available when required.